Mark Steinbach CEO, optadata Gruppe

As the CEO of a medium-sized group of companies, working with Petra Sontheimer is a real enrichment. With her vast experience in management processes, she supports me in maintaining a clear view of things. I also appreciate her open manner and direct approach in our collaboration.

Nikola Ingenhoven Managing Director, Tristyle Mode GmbH

Petra supports me to always find the focus and to make the blind spots visible. To look at the facts from an alternative perspective and to pull the best out of any situation, no matter how challenging.

Mirja Becker Senior Vice President Group HR, DormaKaba International Holding GmbH.

She has become an important partner for me in reflecting on upcoming decisions. I appreciate her clarity and pragmatism, and always find her goal-oriented and methodically strong. With Petra by my side, I look forward to all future challenges! “

Sven Pauer Head of Logistics Strategy & Development, 1&1 Logistik GmbH

Mrs. Sontheimer accompanies and supports one's own thought process through concentrated listening, motivating and active intervention if one finds oneself in a mental cul-de-sac. The focus is on consciously analyzing one's own situation from different perspectives in order to develop individual problem solutions and ideas.

Ingo Vosen Head of Sales, Stadtwerke Düren GmbH

Ms. Sontheimer gets to the heart of things. With her broad set of methods and current (psychological) models, she leads charmingly but consistently out of the comfort zone and thus opens up new paths to success.

Donald Vlahovic Head of IT Enterprise Architecture, carglass GmbH

I met Petra when I was in a difficult phase both privately and professionally. She saved me very quickly from an impending burnout with an intervention. Every meeting after that was extremely valuable, because new perspectives were opened up to me, because I learned new methods, because I felt well prepared for a conversation, because I felt clarity where there had been uncertainty before. I would not have been able to do all this without Petra's support. “

Christof Kaufmann CEO, Weischer Cinema Schweiz GmbH

For more than 10 years, Petra Sontheimer has accompanied me through my professional career. The decisions that resulted from the coaching were and are in retrospect always the right ones. Her manner, the collective and collegial work on the topics is not only inspiring, but also fruitful.

Stefan Gladbach Head of Digital Platforms, Yello Strom GmbH

Ms. Sontheimer's questions are so precise that you can approach the real core of individual challenges and development paths and, with the help of the appropriate method, move into the solution space - and thus take development steps that you might not have thought yourself capable of on your own! “


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